Another beautiful, Phyrexian landscape.

Now that I’ve recovered from a trip to Montreal and the associated cheese curd-withdrawal, please enjoy this lovely, Phyrexian landscape. My spade tool got quite the workout painting all of these happy, little explosions and cyborg torsos.

Magic is Friendship!

A brony buddy of mine asked for this, pony-specifically. Is it the most appropriate application possible for ponies on a Magic card? In all likelihood, yes.

Alternate reality is my favorite reality

What if Karn hadn’t been liberated? Well, I think he would have looked a lot cooler. We picked Phyrexians for a reason, Wizards!

I did this for the Altered Reality Challenge contest at GatheringMagic. They’re posting entries tonight, so once you’re done ogling all that glistening oil, make sure you vote!


Philly was fun! I learned that cheesesteaks are supposed to be made with Cheese Whiz, and also that they are delicious.

Thanks to everyone who asked for a commission or just came over to show me their art! I’m looking forward to the next event, but here’s something I did over the weekend. Too bad his best friend just got banned from Standard.

It’s going to be a journey!

Hey everyone! If you’ve seen me at a show and wanted to see my nonexistent website, well here it finally is. So pick which one you want to be (negative space man or anomalous, dog-like region), and let’s go!